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The course duration is from Sep 16 to Oct 14 for ages 8-10. | and Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, the company will call you within 1 business day to confirm your booking details.

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Want your children to learn more about science in a fun, practical and active way? Mrs Noblegas’s Flowery Dilemma is a science program which teaches kids about chemistry, communication, forming arguments and creativity. 

Through 5 Lessons, learn: 
Chemistry in the kitchen. 
Numeracy and calculation. 
Creativity & Communication & More! 

Lesson 1 Sugar Castle’s Science 
Thursday, September 16, 4pm | Ages 8-10

In this lesson you will learn; 
How coloured sugar dissolves in water. 
Observe how colours interacts with each other. 
Practice basics of multiplication and division. 

Lesson 2 Cleaning Science 
Thursday, September 23, 4pm | Ages 8-10
In this lesson: 
Practice observations. 
What factors impact stain removal? 
Wonder about the transformation of copper coins from dirty to shiny! 

Lesson 3 Germs Science 
Thursday, September 30, 4pm | Ages 8-10 

In this lesson: 
How do germs spread on your hands? 
How soap breaks the surface tension of water? 
Why do we need to use soap? 

Lesson 4 Electricity Science 
Thursday, October 7, 4pm | Ages 8-10

In this lesson: 
How materials become electrically charged. 
Learn the concept of static electricity. 
A fun experiment! 

Lesson 5 Dough Dilemma 
Thursday, October 14, 4pm | Ages 8-10

In this lesson: 
How filtration works. 
Observe the external characteristics of yeast. 
Practice cooperation.

Materials needed for the experiments:

Basic Supplies 
Transparent mugs (plastic / glass)
Jug with measurement marks
Big washing or baking bowl
Small bowl (not metallic)
White dinner / soup plates with sides
White plastic plates
Metal teaspoons
Plastic spoons (tsp, tbs)
Wooden spoon
Paper towel sheets
White hand towels

Consumable supplies
Colourful juice / soda
Vegetable or fruit purée (e.g. ketchup)
Fine sea salt and ground black pepper
Sugar cubes
Dry yeast
Dishwashing liquid
Red, blue and yellow food colouring. One each.
Hand soap and lotion

Lesson specific supplies
White disposable gloves
Masking tape
Plastic bag / table cover (to protect the table)
Rubber band
A4 paper sheets
2 Toothbrushes
Cotton swab
Piece of natural fabric (such as cotton, wool 5x5 cm )
Piece of synthetic fabric (such as fleece 5x5 cm )
Tin can
3 Different coloured pencils
3 Coins
3 Figures (e.g Lego / small cars / animals)

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  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Science Experiments

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  • Online

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