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This award-winning camp is for all upiopers and creative adventurers! Join the magical journey and travel through the world of music, storytelling, movie making and animation. 

Program schedule: 
22nd of August to 26th of August 

Learning Goals 
  • Learn how to bring forth your musical ideas by using a blend of traditional methods, technology and modern applications. 
  • Learn how to produce film and multimedia content by using modern technology. 
  • Develop your creativity, concentration skills, confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Develop your media awareness and multiliteracy. 
  • Develop your imagination, abstract thinking. 
  • Experience the joy of learning and feelings of success.

Lesson Details

Lesson 1 INTO Storytelling & Crafting
Sunday, August 22nd

Jump into the magical world of stories! 

We will practice storytelling techniques, create own stories and learn how to do storyboard. 
Storytelling and education professionals will help all children providing the skills, techniques and secrets needed for storytelling.
At the end of the day we will start crafting backgrounds for the animations to be shot later on.

Lesson 2 INTO Animation
Monday, August 23rd 

Have you dreamed to create awesome animated movies with your own characters and toys? Animation brings imagination to the screen!

Let’s learn stop motion animation techniques and how to bring characters to life.
We will be working with you through every step of a fun and engaging animation project.
We will create our original stories, craft backgrounds and characters for the story, make a storyboard and film our very own animation movies.

Lesson 3 INTO Movie
Tuesday, August 24th 

Ever wanted to make your own movie? Now you can!

We will be immersed in the foundational skills of movie making, including: digital storytelling, filming, editing and using visual effects. 
We will bring our creative ideas and unique visions to life and create our own movies.

Lesson 4 INTO Music
Wednesday, August 25th 

The secrets of making music will revealed by award-winning, successful professionals from the field of music & education.

We will compose and produce our own songs with the help of state-of-the-art music making application.
Music provides everyone with an intensive, hands-on experiment in which we will learn the essentials of songwriting, music production and sound processing.

Lesson 5 INTO Party
Thursday, August 26th 

It's time to bring everything we've learned together! 
We will finalize our creative projects by combining story, visual art, music and sound design all together for unique masterpieces.
The celebration and premiere crown the shared learning journey. So let’s party!


Self-expression , Creativity , Play-Based Learning
Vetted coaches with Nordic education standards
Live coaching via Zoom
22nd to 26th of August (5 day camp)
Group of 6 to 15 children


Some parental support needed
A computer or tablet with camera, internet connection and Zoom application.
An Apple iPad with internet connection and installed apps (separate from Zoom device)
Garage Band application for Apple iPad
iMovie application for Apple iPad
Stop Motion Studio for Apple iPad

Qualifications / Tags

  • Science
  • Project Based Learning
  • STEM
  • Summer Camps 2021

Session Options

  • Group sessions
  • Camps
  • Online

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