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This program is students who are looking for private 1-to-1 online coding sessions. Content will be decided upon the level and the interest of the child. If you have not had a trial before you can start with a trial class.

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Our students are guaranteed an engaging summer of intellectual adventure — guided by tutors from top universities so they would have the time of their life and miss nothing about technology over the summer.

Ages 7 - 11
3D modelling with Tinkercad is the course to get students started with 3D printing. Our students learn to print whatever they desire, starting with their favourite characters to practical devices they will wear every day. They learn the techniques to design 3D-modeled objects used in countless industries.

In this course, students are introduced to 3D thinking process in order to develop their design skills. Using Tinkercad they will learn basics concepts in the designing process such as: rotation, extrude, scaling. Our student will learn to create their own characters from favorite video games,  animals, or food. This is the course to get started with 3D printing.

AR with Lense Studio 
Ages 13+
With a huge set of built-in features including custom shaders and advanced tracking technology, the possibilities are endless. Our students combine the power of Augmented Reality with their imagination and create colorful experiences.

In this course, students learn how to be creative with AR. They will bring the physical and digital worlds closer together starting with simple color filters and moving to lenses with 2D textures or 3D models. Our students learn then how to create lenses using Machine Learning templates. They learn also how to sketch their ideas at first and the principles of Design such as Balance, constrast, movement ... and much more. 

Construct 3
Ages 8-12
Construct 3 is a great introduction to game design for students looking to master the techniques required to build interactive games in 2D. The game engine is used by many developers and loved by students. Through a series of fun, game-based exercises, they’ll learn to use event-based programming and build their own game that everyone can play!

In this course, students learn to use event-based programming to animate, control, and position their characters. They think about pseudocode as a way of planning out their codes to make a game and identify the different areas such as game logic, and user interaction. Once they’ve mastered all that, they have the skills to create more advanced games following a computational thinking process.

Ages 10 -  17
Our courses guide students from middle and high school through learning Python, with an emphasis on hands-on projects and challenges. It helps them spark their passion for programming and move into advanced topics including AI and Data Science.

In this introduction to Python, younger students learn to code, edit and problem-solve in a structured and methodical manner developed by Rich Pattis from Stanford University. They evolve in a programming environment in which they teach Karel the robot to solve simple problems. This program encourages imagination and creativity, and learn to implement core programming constructs through fun exercises.

Ages 7 -  12
Scratch is a fantastic visual-based coding editor which enables children to create their own games, animations and interactive stories. Using the drag-and-drop creative learning environment developed by MIT Media Lab, our students learn how to create fun, interactive and engaging games.

This course is an introduction to computer science fundamentals using Scratch's block-based programming platform. The program focuses on event listeners, cartesian coordinates, loops, conditional statements, user input and variables. Students creates simple games, animations and applications.

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This outstanding virtual experience by Hub21 is one of its kind in terms of quality and engagement, exceeding all our past experiences. The options in UAE are numerous however none of the previous experiences has matched the same warmth and engagement level.

Review for: Platformer Module 1 Virtual Game Design Course

Hub21 virtual coding classes are truly unique in how they keep the kids engaged and excited from day1. Ali had so much fun while learning so many important concepts like algorithms and loops which has helped him not only in coding but in so many other areas. He was also very excited to show me what they did after every class. Our teachers Sylvain and Berk were truly passionate in what they do and I think that is the secret behind keeping kids so engaged as well.

Review for: Platformer Module 1 Virtual Game Design Course

If we were in a cartoon, I would be seeing the starry eyes and sparks coming out of his brain after each coding class :) As a parent, it makes me so happy to see him that hyped and energized about learning something new. He is so proud of showing me all the new edits he has made to the games he created. We owe a lot to Hub21’s amazing teachers Sylvain and Berk for their impact on his analytical thinking and...who knows maybe his future career.

Review for: Platformer Module 2 Virtual Game Design Course

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