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Baby Massage

160 AED
Baby Massage/Baby Calming
5-week Class by Love Parenting UAE
The Community Room in Eggs & Soldiers, Time Square Centre
All Ages
Tuesdays 10-11:30 am
840 AED
Baby Massage - 4 Weeks Course
with Malin Ghavami by Nightingale Health Services
Gold and Diamond Park, Nightingale Health Hub, Building 7, 2nd floor | At your premise
Ages 0-1
Flexible Time Slots

UrbanCircle is a platform, providing families with hundreds of kid-friendly services: group lessons, personal teachers, tutors, sports coaches, nannies, babysitters. Baby massage at home is one of the most popular and sought-after services on our platform.

Baby Massage for Better Sleep

Baby massage is an effective way to help newborns fall asleep. And it’s not the only advantage. Among others there are:
Relief. Parents who learned how to do baby massage properly would very soon notice, that each massage session has a soothing effect on little ones. It is known as one of the best non-medical ways to provide relief from colic and toothache.
Relaxation. Massaging helps the infant’s body to produce the oxytocin hormone. This one is effective for the stress level decreasing. It balances the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and even makes the infant’s appetite way better.
Effect on the nervous system. Massage helps newborns' nervous system to develop. It also makes babies feel cared for. If done regularly, massage makes children more stress-resistant. As cortisol levels decrease, infants are more likely to keep calm in any stressful situation.
Cardiovascular benefits. If done gently, baby massage can increase cardiac output and blood flows through the infant’s body.
Lung health benefit. A proper massage is great for lung health. It is useful for promoting respiration. As the lungs are strengthened, the baby can breathe deeper.
UrbanCircle platform offers the best baby massage classes in UAE. With different filters, you can simply pick out those featuring affordable prices, close location, and comfortable lesson format.

All Baby Massage Services in One Place

Use the UrbanCircle site to get further information about all available baby massage services. Pick the one with suitable conditions and prices and make a booking directly from our site. You don’t need to spend hours surfing for suitable service – everything you need is already on UrbanCircle.