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After you book Malin will call you to schedule the sessions based on your availability.

Background Information

Our midwife Malin completed her bachelor of nursing in Sweden in 2011 and then her master-degree in midwifery and reproductive health. She moved to Dubai in 2014 and worked in labor and delivery unit in a busy hospital. She became a personal trainer during her first pregnancy. Her passion is small babies and to help moms to get the best start after delivery. Malin will provide you all the necessary care and support needed to maintain a healthy pregnancy. 

This starts with our PRENATAL SERVICES such as:  
  • Blood Pressure & urine check (to detect early pre-eclampsia) 
  • Tummy measurement and palpation (to see the how the baby is positioned in the tummy) 
  • Diet/hydration 
  • Mobility/Exercise Emotional support (Provide professional care and support to expecting mothers that suffering from conditions as, stress, anxiety, trauma from previous deliveries) 
  • Preparing for labor (list and equipment, what shall I bring to the hospital and prepare at home?) 
  • Support with creating your birth plan Prenatal classes: These sessions will help you to learn how to navigate yourself during the maternity journey from the early pregnancy symptoms to the first time with your baby after delivery. 

POSTNATAL SERVICES (For mom and baby) 
Provide help and medical support to make sure that Mom is healing properly after normal delivery or c-section 
  • Lactation support, advices and interventions 
  • Emotional support after delivery with blues and depression Introduction and information about kegel exercises and exercise after pregnancy 
  • Examine the baby for growth and well being (weighing & measuring) 
  • Infection control (breathing, temperature, elasticity, color) 
  • Jaundice check and prevention 
  • Answering all the questions about your baby 
  • Twin-baby support and advices

Qualifications / Tags

  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Newborn Care
  • Midwife
  • Lactation Support
  • Has First-Aid Certificate

Session Options

  • At your own premise
  • Private sessions

Typical Availability*

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*For Private sessions only and Subject to confirmation before booking


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Cancellation Policy

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Reviews for Company’s Services (2)


Jinky was a super sweet lady, smart, really easy to talk to and was excellent with my child. She was on time and worked with a very positive attitude. Definitely highly recommended.

Review for: Quality Playtime and Babysitting from Nurses

The service was really efficient and very easy to book. The two lovely ladies Lean and Marcella assigned to us for a few hours on two different separate days during a staycation were both wonderful. They instantly put me at ease and had the baby distracted and happy when we were leaving. I got updates regularly (on request). I will definitely use the service again for babysitting and would most definitely recommend.

Review for: Quality Playtime and Babysitting from Nurses

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