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A 5-week set of Online Calm & Positive Birth Preparation/ HypnoBirthing Classes live via Zoom.|Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, the company will call you within 1 business day to confirm your booking details.

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Programme for couples preparing for a more positive, calm, and confident birth no matter what path birth takes. 

This birth preparation programme prepares couples for any type of birth: water, natural, with epidural, drugs free, c-section, etc. With the techniques, practice and evidence based info learnt in class couples are prepared and empowered for the birth experience. If birth takes a different path, these tools and techniques are even more powerful and beneficial. It is a great programme for husbands/ birth partners to be able to support mothers more effectively during pregnancy & birth 👫  

In class you will learn birthing physiology, how to deeply relax and let go of fear. Programme content: 
✔️ 3 different breathing techniques (during contractions, in between & to birth your baby down & out with pushing) 
✔️ The 3 birthing stages 
✔️ Birth positions 
✔️ Birth plan/preferences 
✔️ Birth partner script & practice 
✔️ Birth partner role 
✔️ Positive language & positive touch 
✔️ Soothing strokes massage & pressure points massage 
✔️ BRAINS system - how to ask open questions and get evidence based information to make informed decisions 
✔️ Fun couple exercises (practice, practice, practice) 
✔️ How your amazing pelvis & uterus work? 
✔️ How to encourage baby to go/remain at the optimal fetal position 
✔️ Physical preparation for mamas 
✔️ Techniques to support dilation 
✔️ Deep relaxation sessions 
✔️ Visualizations 
✔️ Full couple practice simulation 
 ✔️ Prenatal bonding 
 ✔️ Breastfeeding 
✔️ Postpartum 
✔️ More 

5 week set of Calm & Positive Birth Preparation/ HypnoBirthing Classes 
⏰ Evenings 
📌 Online & Live via Zoom  

The programme fee is 1,500 AED for the couple & it includes: workbook, mp3's, music, birth videos & my continue support until baby is born and beyond.  

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  • Prenatal Support
  • Training / Workshop
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Doula

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  • At your own premise
  • Private sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Online

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