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Basicball Academy

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BASICBALL Academy, where sports teach life. Form better players… to create better persons. This is the mission of BASICBALL Academy, the international sports school born to provide to boys and girls the best sports experience. Helping them to develop in physical and technical skills, self-confidence, working attitude, team-spirit and discipline. Because talent is a natural gift, but it’s necessary a complete “workout” to develop in the best way possible to become complete players. And this is the truly law in sports, as well as in life. This is what we will offer you, at the highest professional level, on and off the court. Our technical staff will lead them to the unique experience to meet the best basketball players and coaches from the NBA and Euroleague. Hopefully our athletes will reach the same top level or maybe not, but we want them to learn by their life example and become better persons. From September to June, 10 months of basketball school, more the exclusive “Pro” Camp in July, to experience the top level of basketball, at the presence of Special Guest Stars! Our Academy offers services for all the kids from 6 to 25 years in different programs, with games and tournaments. This is the dream of basketball to us. This is BASICBALL Academy, where sports teach life.