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Company Address: Villa 25, Street 10A, Al Safa 2, Dubai

Cascade is dedicated to provide a learning community, which nurtures in children, a sense of self and a passion for learning. Cascade aims to help all students develop their academic, social or emotional needs and also assists home school families. We strive to be the point of difference for families seeking an alternative learning environment for their children. Cascade is catering to children aged 6 - 16 years, with 4 programmes: 1. Full morning enrichment programme, where students focus on maths and English enrichment each day, and participate in relevant, self-selected projects in an integrated way. 2. An afternoon MagiKats Maths and English skills development programme either one on one or in small groups. 3. An afterschool/homework club, for children who want to play freely, rest and enjoy being with friends in a safe, supportive and caring environment afterschool. 4. A holiday camp programme during Dubai school holidays. Children keep with up with their maths and English skills while also being active, busy, creative and developing their social and emotional skills. We provide a calm, well structured, creative and activity based learning environment which ignites project based learning. If you are looking for a slower pace and less pressured learning environment, a place where the needs of your children who ‘learn differently’ to be catered for, teachers who respond to the way children learn differently, learning through doing, playing, being active, experimenting; then you need to visit Cascade soonest.

480 AED
Morning Enrichment Programme
Academic & Social Skills by Cascade
Villa 25, Street 10A, Al Safa 2
Ages 4-12
Sun-Thu 8am-2pm
162 AED
MagiKats - Maths & English
Tutoring Workshops by Cascade
Villa 25, Street 10A, Al Safa 2
Ages 4-16
Flexible Time Slots on Sat, Sun, Mon & Tue
35 AED
Afterschool Club
For Creativity - Fun - Social Engagement by Cascade
Villa 25, Street 10A, Al Safa 2
Ages 4-12
Sun-Thu 2:30– 6pm