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Tanya Fakhoury

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The Change Associates is a boutique training and coaching company that specializes in parenting, empowering personal change and improving human performance at work. It was established in 2004 and offer a multi-modality approach to therapy and coaching aimed at helping personal, practitioner and corporate clients achieve their goals. Programmes include a broad range of emotional intelligence and neuro-science related approaches including parenting, personal and executive coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, transactional analysis and emotional freedom techniques. We want to reach and help improve the lives of as many people as we can by empowering them to understand how to tap into their inner wisdom and capabilities. We believe that we, as humans, have all the resources we need to have control over our lives. With non-judgement, kindness and generosity we provide support and development so that our clients can achieve their goals and become their best possible self.

650 AED
Tanya Fakhoury
Peaceful Parenting Coach - ONLINE SESSIONS by Tanya Fakhoury
For Parents
After you book, Tanya will call you to schedule the sessions based on your availability. Please provide an accurate phone number for bookings as you will be called to confirm your booking.
1099 AED
The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe - Online Arabic Programme
with Tanya Fakhoury by Tanya Fakhoury
All Ages
Flexible Time Slots