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Tender Hearts

Company Address: Villa No. 27, Umm Sequeim 3, Opposite Wild Wadi Dubai, UAE

Tender Hearts Arena is an initiative that seeks to enhance the social, behavioural & life skills of differently abled children in a manner that is fun and above all boosting their self-esteem. We believe that every child has a potential that can be used as a springboard and propel them into learning new skills, which could enhance their personal sense of accomplishment. Under the supervision of a professional recreation staff, children will be provided with safe and a variety of age appropriate developmental activities that are exciting, stimulating and enriching. Tender Hearts Arena is a place where children can make friends, play with their loved ones and express themselves through their recreational activities, hence learning to take pride in themselves.

1200 AED
Ability Enhancement Multimedia Program
An 18-month Certified Multimedia Program by Tender Hearts
Ages 9+
Flexible Time Slots