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Truvian Partners

Company Address: Al Muroor Road, Al Khawarizmi Building, East 19/1 - Office No: C/06, Abu Dhabi

Truvian Partners is a boutique consultancy specialized in leadership development, teamwork, coaching, and personality assessments. At Truvian Partners, we depart from the philosophy that knowing oneself and understanding others is the fundamental key to achieving success in life and at work. This leads to personal values’ significance and their impact on individuals, teams, and organizations’ behaviors. Through our deep expertise and time-tested tools, we equip our clients with effective and results-oriented leadership and people management techniques and approaches grounded in values that promote excellence in their leadership and management practices. Our interventions are specifically designed to deliver lasting change, improve productivity, raise morale, enhance creativity, and significantly leverage the organizations’ the most valuable assets – people!

650 AED
Student Leadership Program
in Abu Dhabi by Truvian Partners
Marsana Area, Al Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi
Ages 11+
Oct 22-23 | 3-6pm