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EXECUTIVE HEALTH CHECK for Men and Women below and above 40 

Lab Investigations 
 Lipid Panel 
◘ Full Blood Count 
◘ Urine Analysis 
◘ Vitamin D3 Hb A1C 
◘ Thyroid Profile (T3, T4, TSH) 
◘ Complete Metabolic Profile 
• Albumin 
• Globulin 
• A/G Ratio 
• ALT, AST, Bili 
• Alk Phos 
• Calcium 
• BUN 
• Creatinine 
• BUN/ Cr Ratio 
• Sodium 
• Potassium 
• Serum 
• CO2 
• GGT 

Routine Investigations 
Vital Signs- BP, Pulse, Body Temp, Weight and Height 

Specialised Investigations 
Basic Visual Acuity 
ECG Cardiac Stress Test 
Body Fat Analysis 
Q Risk Assessment 

General Physican/ Family Medicine 
Consult with Cardiologist 
Dietitian Consultation 
Follow Up Consultation FM 

Optional Extras- Choose one of the two Option 1 
◘ Vitamin B12 
◘ Iron Studies 
  • Serum  Iron 
  • TIBC 
  • Ferritin

Option 2- separate appointment 
  • Dental Consultation with polishing and scaling 
  • Bitewing X-Rays 

  • Final Report 
  • Careem Pick-up and drop off

Dubai Marina 
The Residences at Marina gate I Floor 1

Dubai Hills 
Alkhail Road, Marabea’ East Exit

Al Kharbash Building Billqetair Street

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  • Doctor

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  • At company premise
  • Private sessions

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*For Private sessions only and Subject to confirmation before booking


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