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Nur, was born in İzmir, Turkey in 1984. She was graduated from Business Administration and started her career in finance. However, following her passion towards alignment & creating a difference through helping others overcome challenges, she became ThetaHealing ® Instructor and Practitioner.  

Background Information on ThetaHealing

We are a creation of our thoughts, experiences and memories - these shape our beliefs, which in turn create our lives, both physically and mentally.   

Some of us know that our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs limit our success and hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, our most optimal health, and our deepest joy whilst most of us do not.    

Long held traumas eventually lead to illness, but also keeps attracting the same type of people and experiences to your life. Therefore, iIf you like to change your reality, you have to resolve the blocks from current and past traumas that keeps attracting the similar experiences to you. 

ThetaHealing® is a powerful technique, that will allow you reprogram your subconscious mind by quickly identifying limiting beliefs and resolving deeply held blocks. 

During a 1:1 session, you will be guided into a theta brainwave which is the dominant brainwave in a deep meditation. Once you enter this state of deep relaxation, a process called 'digging' will be applied in order to identify the root cause of your symptoms. Once the root cause is uncovered, you will be able to shift the negative/limiting pattern by reprogramming your subconscious mind with positive belief systems. 

These healing sessions will help you with emotional traumas, grief, fears, phobias, inner conflicts, anger issues, depression, feeling stuck in any areas of your life etc. And the outcome of these sessions will be improving your physical health, emotional health, performance, relationships, career and spiritual growth.

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  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Wellness Coaching
  • ThetaHealing

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  • At your own premise
  • Private sessions
  • Online

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