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Term dates: 01/09/2019 -15/12/2019. You can enroll at any time during the term and you will be charged from the day of enrollment only as per hourly rate shown. Hourly rate depends on how many hours per week members plan to attend. If you have missed some weeks after term started, please send us a message at info@urbancircle.ae for us to create a prorata booking option for you for the remaining weeks of the term. Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking Elite Volleyball Academy will call you within 1 business day to schedule your class based on your availability. There's a one time registration fee to be paid directly to Elite Volleyball Academy at your first session. This will be used to cover equipment and tournament fee.

Background Information

Thursday 6-7pm | Friday 3-4pm | Saturday 3-4pm. 

Volleyball is a fun sport for all ages. The sooner kids start playing, the more skilled they will become -- it takes years to master some volleyball skills. Kids are able to learn most volleyball basics, such as passing, serving, and setting, spiking. 

If your kid is bursting with energy, is sporty, and would love to run, toss, hit and jump high in the air, then they are going to love playing volleyball. Don't believe it? Then enroll them in this volleyball class and see for yourself! Playing volleyball will help improve your child's flexibility, balance and coordination. 

The earlier athletes are introduced to the sport of volleyball the more likely they are to develop the correct technique. Full of energy and fast-paced movements, volleyball is a sport that needs quick-thinking, reflex, and an effective, die-hard teamwork. Aimed for complete beginners, this class features expert coaches training your kids on the rules of the game. The training focuses on fundamental volleyball elements such as serves variations, receives, setting, spikes, blocking and defence stands. New-to-the-game players usually need 3 to 4 months to reach an intermediate level. 

The class can be rebooked as many times as required to reach the desired level. Volleyball groups are determined by skill level, not age or height. After the assessment practice, coaches will determine what group is the best for the kid. 

How many times a week should my kid practice? It all depends on what you are trying to achieve and what your schedule looks like. Our recommendation would be: 2 – 3 times per week for kids that are trying to learn basics and stay active. 4+ times a week for kids that are pursuing volleyball scholarships or professional contracts in the future. 

Students are recommended to bring sports clothes, clean sneakers & their water bottles.

Qualifications / Tags

  • Volleyball
  • Has First-Aid Certificate

Session Options

  • At company premise
  • Group sessions

Typical Availability*

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*For Private sessions only and Subject to confirmation before booking


No classes during term break holidays based on the school calendar (actual dates will be confirmed by the Centre). The remaining sessions & validity are transferable from one term to the other.

Cancellation Policy

In case of absence, we can offer you make up sessions in the same term.

Reviews for Company’s Services (2)


One of the best sports with really hands on professionals, strongly reccomended for the parents who are looking for a safe place to start volleyball.

Review for: Volleyball Classes Beginner/Intermediate

Feeling so lucky that my son has started learning volleyball from these amazing coaches! As a mum who has played in past, my biggest passion was to make my kids love volleyball and thanks to the super friendly and inspiring atmosphere at the trainings that coach Pedja, Nemanja, Bojan is providing, Kaan can't wait to go back every week! 1 hr of great circuit training, hand-eye coordination in addition to the techniques thought by professional players. Can highly recommend this class to anyone. Best teamwork sport.

Review for: Volleyball Classes Beginner/Intermediate

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