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Neurofeedback Assessment 

We use a computerised Neurofeedback Assessment system to monitor and measure the flow of healthy oxygenated blood to the frontal lobe of the brain. The assessment is done whilst the client participates in a cognitive activity such as watching a movie or playing a game. This creates a feedback mechanism that can be measured in real time, to assess how much attention the brain is paying to the task at hand. As long as the client remains focused on the activity, oxygenated blood flow is naturally maintained or increased and the movie will continue to play. (Through a clever physiological mechanism known as Neurovascular Coupling) The moment that the client becomes distracted and their attention wanders, even slightly, the activity in the frontal lobe decreases which is followed almost instantly by a drop in the blood flow and the movie comes to a halt, alerting the client to their loss of focus. Only once they have regained their concentration and restored the blood flow, does the movie re-start. 

What we do – Neurofeedback Assessment 

By participating in a Brain Gain neurofeedback training program, you ultimately teach your brain to enhance the activation of their cognitive centres in the frontal lobe in addition maintaining it for increasingly longer periods of time. The frontal lobe is responsible for our Executive Functions such as concentrating, learning, problem-solving, following of instructions and higher thinking, as well as controlling many aspects of mood, behaviour, impulse control and social awareness. The beauty of Brain Gain is that it results in real, physical change in the brain which cements this process and leads to long-lasting results, unlike medication which wears off after a few hours. Worth mentioning here is also the fact that a number of learning, behaviour-related and neurological disorders, including ADHD and many others, are shown by brain scans to have a generally low level of perfusion (oxygenated blood flow) within the frontal lobe. Without adequate blood flow, those people will struggle to access all the crucial activities controlled in that area of the brain – which might very well manifest as symptoms such as lack of focus, impulsive behaviour, restlessness, inability to follow instructions or complete tasks, and so on. Brain Gain works to directly address this issue. The reality is that children of today are bombarded with activities and technology which affects their brains and actually wires them towards distraction, instant gratification and social unawareness. Add to that various other environmental factors such as being less physically active (video games are not a sport) and a generally poor diet, and it is no wonder that many kids battle in an environment like school which demands sustained attention, focus, and ‘socially-acceptable’ behaviour. All the more likely then, is not every child who battles to focus or finish their homework, is suffering from ADHD, and certainly not every child requires medication. Quite possibly, with a natural, affordable drug-free intervention such as Brain Gain, we can avoid the over-prescription of unnecessary drugs and simply teach the brains that never learned how. Get in touch for a Neurofeedback Assessment.

What are the benefits of neurofeedback for ADHD and ADD?

By assisting people with attention problems, ADHD and ADD to improve their ability to concentrate, focus and perform; they receive the benefit of coping better at school and work and can improve the quality of their social interactions and personal lives. Scientific studies support the use of neurofeedback training for AD(H)D. While many of the studies make use of EEG neurofeedback, HEG (the type Brain Gain uses) has been shown to be as effective, requires fewer sessions, and has no reported negative side-effects. Research studies are indicating that neurofeedback provides a highly effective alternative treatment for AD(H)D, and in some cases may be more effective than stimulant medication.

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Neurofeedback training has been amazing for my son. It helped him at the age of 6 with focusing and concentrating in school and reading. I noticed an immediate change after around 3 sessions. I have also since recommended it to a few of my students (because I am a teacher) who have also been really happy with the results.

Review for: Neurofeedback ADHD, ADD and Concentration Support

Our son Jamie, struggled to focus and to concentrate at school . So we contacted Brain Gain to help him with this. After a few sessions we could already see a huge difference. He even started getting compliments from his teachers . I can highly recommend this training for any child battling with focus and concentration. Thank you Brain GAin for helping our Jamie.

Review for: Neurofeedback ADHD, ADD and Concentration Support

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