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After you book your initial assessment session, the company will call you to schedule the date. If you have already done your assessment, you can book and pay for your packages here, company will contact you again to schedule the dates of your sessions.

Background Information

Play Attention allows you to measure your attention level in real time and teaches you to sustain and direct your attention at will. Play Attention consists of a series of computer-based exercises that are controlled by attention alone. The task given can only be completed when paying full attention. After each session Play Attention provides detailed feedback on progress to measure improvement. 

The following five games are the cognitive skill activities. Each game targets a separate cognitive skill that is typically difficult for people with attention problems. This helps build sound Executive Function. 
  1. Attention Stamina - Attention Stamina will teach you how to direct and sustain your attention. This will help you develop your ability to pay attention to low stimuli activity for longer periods of time. 
  2. Visual Tracking - Visual Tracking will teach you how to maintain your attention while visually tracking a randomly moving object or person. This will help you pay attention to your teacher's lesson while he/she is walking around the room. 
  3. Time on Task - Time on Task This exercise teaches a student to begin an activity quickly, and stay focused on that activity until it is finished. This is not always easy for an individual who struggles with attention. 
  4. Discriminatory Processing - Discriminatory processing will teach you how to take in different bits of information and recognize what is important and what you can filter. 
  5. Short Term Memory - Short term memory teaches you how to process information (both visual and auditory) and hold that information in short term memory long enough for recall. This will help you develop your ability to remember dates, names, items in a list, and other facts.
If you answer “yes” to these questions, Play Attention is for your child; 
  • Does your child’s attention seem scattered?

  • Does your child have difficulty directing his/her attention?

  • Does your child have difficulty sustaining attention to a single task?

  • Does your child pay attention only when you or the teacher are in proximity?
  • Does your child lose attention immediately once you have moved out of proximity?

  • Does your child have difficulty participating in a sport and sustaining attention to his/her required task?

  • Does your child lose interest unless what he/she is viewing is highly visual?

  • Does your child have difficulty completing tasks independently?

  • Does your child often fail to pay close attention to details or make careless mistakes in schoolwork or other activities? 
  • Does your child frequently have difficulty sustaining attention during tasks or play activities?

  • Does your child avoid or become resistant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort like homework? 
  • When your child is working on an assignment independently, does he/she need constant redirection?
Does your child have difficulty following multiple commands?

Play Attention recommends 60 minutes of Play Attention per week.
This can be two 30 minute lessons per week or one 60 minute lesson per week. The important thing is to maintain this same schedule for the duration of the program. It is for this reason that we do not follow the school term calendar but rather, you choose the package that best suits your schedule. The retention of Play Attention skills depends on the number of hours spent in the program. Best results are seen when these hours are continuous. In order for the skills learnt in Play Attention to become permanent, Play Attention recommends 40 hours of skill development. The Study Room offers Play Attention Sunday - Thursday and Saturday morning. 

Qualifications / Tags

  • Learning Difficulties
  • ADHD Support
  • ADD Support
  • Has Special Needs Experience

Session Options

  • At company premise
  • Private sessions

Typical Availability*

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*For Private sessions only and Subject to confirmation before booking


There is a one-time fee per student (220 dhs excl. VAT)to be paid directly at the Study Room. The Study Room offers lessons Sunday - Wednesday from 9:00am - 7:00pm and Thursday's and Saturday's from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that a Student is unable to attend their lesson, The Study Room requires notice before 11am on the day of the lesson. For Students attending lessons on a Saturday or the morning Enrichment Program, The Study Room requires notice via email by 7pm the day before. If the Client notifies The Study Room before 11am on the day of the lesson, the Client may reschedule this lesson. This make-up lesson is dependent on The Study Room schedule availability and needs to be rescheduled within the registered Period. It is the Client’s responsibility to contact The Study Room to schedule make up lessons during the Period. In the event that the Client is unable to notify The Study Room before 11am on the day of the lesson, the Student is not eligible for a make-up lesson. The Client is entitled to 1 make-up lesson per 5 lessons purchased. Additional cancellations will be regarded as missed lessons and may not be made up. FREEZING LESSONS: The Study Room lessons are outside of and irrespective of all school mid-term breaks and holidays. The Study Room will only be closed on Fridays and UAE Public Holidays. The Client should give The Study Room a minimum of two weeks notice if they will be traveling over the school holidays and would like to freeze their lessons until their return.

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My son calls this place “the wonderful room”! Such talented teachers who cares about the total improvement of the child, everything is well thought of. My son would go there with a huge smile on his face! We love going there even though we live in another Emirate! Can’t recommend this place enough!

Review for: Summer Staycation 2019 Educational Workshops & Themed Camps

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