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Capoeira is a unique sport that blends attack and defense with flowing, dance-like
movements, acrobatics, music, instruments and songs. It is known by quick and
complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps. The
fusion of these elements builds flexibility, agility, strength, balance and coordination
in addition to self-confidence.
Capoeira is not only a sport but a dynamic, ritualistic and cultural form of self-expression which connects participants to Brazil's rich cultural history.

  • Capoeira brings health and balance to the life of its participants, whatever their age.
  • Ideal for building awareness of body and mind.
  • Builds flexibility, agility, strength and balance
  • Teaches fast reflexes and self-defense tactics.
  • Helps in losing weight and staying fit while having fun.
  • Capoeira is graceful and challenging, a life-tool encouraging all those who train to grow and invest in physical as well as mental well-being.

Mestre Caxias, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been studying Capoeira for more
than 30 years. He is the founder of the New York branch of Grupo Capoeira Brasil
where he taught for 17 years. During his time in NYC, Mestre Caxias taught capoeira
at various schools and universities and has been a guest teacher in various
international capoeira festivals throughout the world. In addition, he has performed in
famous arts venues, such as the Lincoln Center in NYC.

Mestre Caxias established additional branches for his group in various cities in the
US as well as Pune in India; and finally Natal in the northeast of Brazil.
In 2010, Mestre Caxias moved to the UAE and founded Capoeira Arte Brasil
Organization and ever since he has been dedicated to spreading this unique sport all
over town. 

Mestre Caxias devotes all his mornings to teaching in various schools, as
part of physical education or after school programs (For more details, see page 6).
Mestre Caxias is very committed in promoting a healthy lifestyle by teaching how
children and adults can GET FIT while having FUN. He believes that a healthy life
starts very early, during childhood.

Music is not incidental to the practice of capoeira; in fact, it is one of its most important
elements. At the head of the roda is an orchestra consisting of several instruments that set
the tempo and the style of game that is to be played. The orchestra is completed by a chorus,
the ring of voices echoing from the roda in a call and response style song lead by one of the
Capoeira songs tell of the art's powerful history, stories of legendary mestres, and of playful
anecdotes. The Music is used to inspire the players to more intense level of interaction and it
is used to calm them down when the game has become too heated.

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Mestre Caxias is a great capoeira instructor. Very experienced and specially very patient with beginners.

Review for: Capoeira Classes with Coach Alex

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