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Background Information

Very young children start to identify letters and sound them out and as they grow older, they learn to identify common words, and then start to read on their own. From a child’s very first steps, we aim to instil in them a love and passion for reading. 

Learning how to read opens up limitless opportunities for children, giving them an entirely new way to communicate, to expand their imagination, and to acquire new information. Moreover, if children learn to enjoy reading, they will further develop skills on their own and not see it as a chore or difficult task to avoid. ​To achieve this, THE STUDY ROOM has chosen to use the Rainbow Reading Programme. 

At THE STUDY ROOM, our literacy environment is supportive and student-centered. We gauge a child’s receptivity to reading and respond appropriately with leveled activities. Children are in small groups of up to four. Each child works on books and activities set at their instructional reading level. We aim to motivate children to be interested in reading, while their enthusiasm is kept as genuine as possible.

The Rainbow Reading Program has been designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of struggling readers and students learning English. However, because of the wide range of high-interest stories and articles included in the collection, the program is of interest and benefit to all students. ​


All components of the Rainbow Reading Programme are designed to have maximum educational value and also be of interest to students. They are tested with students and teachers and then improved where necessary. 


Short stories and articles of very wide ranging appeal and high interest have been chosen for use in the Rainbow Reading Programme. Books are entertaining yet informative and educational. The aim is to provide students with an assortment of topics, styles and genre from a variety of authors. The layout of the text has been kept clear and easily readable. The illustrations and photographs in Rainbow Reading books are attractive and, like the text, representative of a variety of styles and appealing to older students.


Stories and articles have been levelled by using the Elley Noun Frequency Method (1989) as an initial guide and also by extensive teacher-student testing and recommendation. Books are colour coded at different reading levels, starting at the Silver level with a reading difficulty level of 5-5.5 years through to Violet where text has a reading difficulty level of 11-12 years. As the stories have been carefully selected with the needs and interests of older students in mind, the books are used with students whose chronological ages are higher than their reading ages.


Text-related activities accompany each student title. The activities present text from the books in new and refreshing ways. The activities include; Cloze activities, Text Sequencing activities, Word Search activities, Dice Game activities and Writing activities.
These activities are designed to:
– reinforce skills learned while reading the text;
– provide the students with opportunities to revisit the text in different formats;
– provide further practice in reading, comprehending and organising text;
– practice in identifying words in different context;
– opportunities for searching across words in sequence;
– opportunities to link text to writing. ​

The audio pens that accompany the books for supported reading are specially recorded for ease of use and for maximum educational advantage as well as entertainment value.
The Rainbow Reading books have been especially printed with a code that the pen can read. The audio pen is used for both reading the story to the student as well as recording the students’ own reading of the book. Students can then listen to their own recordings. 


Students are assessed using a running record and then begin practice on the Rainbow Reading Programme by reading books at their instructional reading level. A students instructional reading level is the highest level they can read, after a short orientation, with 90 to 94 percent accuracy. Students are assessed during a conference with ​a facilitator, before progressing to the next reading level.

Qualifications / Tags

  • Reading Support
  • English
  • Phonics
  • Has Special Needs Experience

Session Options

  • At company premise
  • Private sessions
  • Group sessions

Typical Availability*

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*For Private sessions only and Subject to confirmation before booking


There is a one-time fee per student (220 dhs excl. VAT) to be paid directly at the Study Room. The Study Room offers lessons Sunday - Wednesday from 9:00am - 7:00pm and Thursday's and Saturday's from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that a Student is unable to attend their lesson, The Study Room requires notice before 11am on the day of the lesson. For Students attending lessons on a Saturday or the morning Enrichment Program, The Study Room requires notice via email by 7pm the day before. If the Client notifies The Study Room before 11am on the day of the lesson, the Client may reschedule this lesson. This make-up lesson is dependent on The Study Room schedule availability and needs to be rescheduled within the registered Period. It is the Client’s responsibility to contact The Study Room to schedule make up lessons during the Period. In the event that the Client is unable to notify The Study Room before 11am on the day of the lesson, the Student is not eligible for a make-up lesson. The Client is entitled to 1 make-up lesson per 5 lessons purchased. Additional cancellations will be regarded as missed lessons and may not be made up. FREEZING LESSONS: The Study Room lessons are outside of and irrespective of all school mid-term breaks and holidays. The Study Room will only be closed on Fridays and UAE Public Holidays. The Client should give The Study Room a minimum of two weeks notice if they will be traveling over the school holidays and would like to freeze their lessons until their return.

Reviews for Company’s Services (1)


My son calls this place “the wonderful room”! Such talented teachers who cares about the total improvement of the child, everything is well thought of. My son would go there with a huge smile on his face! We love going there even though we live in another Emirate! Can’t recommend this place enough!

Review for: Summer Staycation 2019 Educational Workshops & Themed Camps

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